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Moover Frequently Asked Questions


This page contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about Moover.

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In which organization do I install Prodly Moover?
Install Prodly Moover in any organization of your choosing, then use Moover with any of your organizations. Prodly recommends installing Moover in an organization that you use to control your business processes and where all relevant users have access. Another consideration is using an organization that has enough space for Moover deployment results records.

What is the typical Moover workflow?
Once you have installed the Moover application in your control organization, the typical Moover workflow is to configure connections between the Moover service and your data source and data destination organizations, create a reusable data set, deploy the data set to copy all of your related CRM data from source to destination, monitor the progress, and verify the results.

Why isn’t the schema organization always the source organization?
The following list provides some reasons to use the schema from an organization other than your source organization:

  • To use the same data set on multiple source organizations. For example, you can use a data set consisting of only the Account object to update account information in many source organizations.
  • Source organization connections can become invalid, for example, by refreshing a sandbox.

Does Moover offer any Lightning components?
Lightning components are available to deploy a data set and to import a data set. In Lightning Experience, use Setup > Edit Page to edit any page. Drag DeployDataSet or ImportDataSet from the Custom - Managed list of Lightning components onto the page and save.

Note: Lightning components are only available in Lightning Experience.

Can I deploy Moover data sets to an SFDX scratch org?
Yes. Refer to the Prodly Moover Integration Guide for more information.

Can I schedule Moover deployments?
Yes. Refer to the Prodly Moover Integration Guide for more information.

Are Moover templates available for other Salesforce apps?
Yes. Refer to for the most up-to-date information. Contact to inquire about older versions.

Templates currently available:

  • Salesforce CPQ
  • Field Service Lightning

Planned templates:

  • Salesforce Advanced Approvals
  • Salesforce B2B
  • Salesforce Billing

Templates under consideration:

  • Other native Salesforce apps based on customer need. Need a different template? Contact your account representative!

How does Moover address my security concerns?
The Moover Security Model Guidelines provides guidelines for securing Moover connections and data sets per project and client.

Can I obfuscate sensitive data during migration?
Yes. Moover offers a feature to scramble most data types during migration. Refer to the appendix on data scrambling in the Prodly Moover User Guide for more information.

Does Moover support Salesforce Shield?
Yes, Moover supports the Salesforce Shield encryption standard described at Shield encryption happens at a low level during storage. When Moover queries the source organization, the data comes back to Moover unencrypted. Moover then migrates the data to the destination organization and Salesforce encrypts the data during storage.

How do I use Moover in my Salesforce development environment?

Install Moover in a control organization of your choosing and deploy data sets to migrate data between any organizations you have permission to access. 

How do I use Moover in an implementation partner environment?

When using VEID as your upsert method, the handoff from implementation partner to client must not occur mid-cycle. At handoff, all records between production and sandboxes must be in sync. Create new sandboxes on the client side to prevent creating duplicate records.

Is there an API to integrate Moover into a continuous integration process?
Yes. The Moover API is a RESTful API that allows you to integrate Moover deployments into a larger continuous integration process. Moover API requests use the REST API to invoke Moover actions. Moover also supports global APEX services for internal Salesforce automation. Refer to the Prodly Moover Integration Guide for more information.

If our organization URL changes instances or we switch to my domain, will Moover be affected?
Yes, just make sure that no deployments are in progress during the switch. As long as you allow logging in from, all connections are still valid. If you allow logging in only from the my domain URL, then you must recreate the Moover connections to that production organization and any affected sandboxes.

Does Moover import/export external data, such as .csv data files?
No. Moover's intended use is to migrate existing Salesforce data between Salesforce organizations.

How many levels of parent/child hierarchy does Moover support?
There is no restriction on the number of levels, but traversing long paths does impact migration speed.

Why wouldn't I just create one giant data set to migrate all my data at one time?
Because Moover traverses the entire data tree on each record as needed to maintain integrity, using multiple data sets typically reduces overall migration time significantly.

Is training available for Moover?
Yes. Contact or your account representative for more information.

How do I submit a feature request?
Simply send an email to or contact your account representative to start the process.