Moover simplifies complex Salesforce development

The development of complex Salesforce® applications requires moving lots of data rapidly and frequently. In order to create a representative test sample, developers must go through the task of data mapping and repeatedly deploy data to numerous sandboxes. It’s a slow and tedious process, which Moover handles quickly and efficiently with point-and-click ease.

Moover streamlines Salesforce app development by making data deployment among production, development, and testing orgs scalable, reliable, and repeatable. By eliminating bottlenecks, Moover helps create a continuous integration environment for agile, high-speed development.

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Moover Features Help Streamline Salesforce App Development

Moover’s innovative features provide unmatched convenience and efficiency to your Salesforce development team.

Control Deployment From A Central Org

You could use 20 sandboxes or more to develop and test code. Moover’s centrally-controlled deployment architecture allows you to quickly and easily move data among Salesforce environments for development, QA, UAT, staging, training, and production.

Just install Moover in a central org. From there, you can establish connections to all of your Salesforce orgs and deploy among them, making any org a source or destination.

Moover Centrally Controlled Deployment Architecture

Deploy Data Sets To Multiple Destinations

Need to seed multiple Salesforce sandboxes with the same data? Rather than going through the process of data mapping and deploying to each sandbox, Moover allows you to do it with a single click. Deploy the same data set to multiple sandboxes by choosing your source and up to five different destinations.

Maintain Version Control With Moover Templates

If you’re using multiple sandboxes simultaneously, you’re constantly creating new iterations of data sets and maintaining version control. With Moover, you can create a template that can be exported as a JSON file from one Moover instance and imported into another. This allows you to have version control for your data sets.

Isolate Access With Moover Permission Sets

When managing multiple projects, you might need to limit users to certain activities and projects. Moover admin and user permission sets allow you to control which activities each team member can perform. Using standard Salesforce sharing settings, you can also assign additional security for employees working on specific clients and projects.

Scramble Field Values To Protect Privacy

As data moves from development and testing to production, it passes many eyes. Moover gives you the ability to scramble deployed field values in the destination org to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information such as Social Security numbers and birth dates. It can also scramble addresses so emails can’t be sent to your contacts.

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