Manage Salesforce reference data migration quickly and easily

Updating Salesforce® reference data is a time-intensive process that’s prone to errors. Moover allows you to migrate data between development and production organizations quickly and with incredible reliability, eliminating the frustrations associated with manual migration.

The traditional method of using a data loader and spreadsheets is complicated and slow. Moover can migrate Salesforce® reference data in a fraction of the time while maintaining the complex relationships between objects. And thanks to point-and-click ease and data set templates, even people who aren’t Salesforce® experts are able to take over reference data updates. That frees up time and resources that would have been consumed with routine upkeep.

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Moover Simplifies Data Migration For Salesforce Users and Systems Integrators

A wealth of time- and money-saving features makes Moover the most productive and efficient platform for managing complex data migrations such as Salesforce CPQ, Billing or Field Service Lightning.


Control Deployment From A Central Location

Migrating reference data between development and testing sandboxes and to production drains valuable time and resources. Moover’s centrally controlled deployment dramatically decreases the effort involved.

Just install Moover in a central org. From there, you can establish connections to all of your Salesforce orgs and deploy among them, making any org a source or destination.

Deploy To Multiple Destinations

Need to update multiple sandboxes with the same reference data set? With Moover, you can do it in a single click. Choose up to five different destinations, then deploy the same data sets to multiple Salesforce orgs.

Data Set Templates Make Sharing Data Sets Simple

Moover data set templates provide a convenient way to transfer data sets between Moover instances. If your Salesforce implementation partner has used Moover during their implementation of a new Salesforce app, they can export their data set as a Moover data set template and install it in your instance of Moover. Then, you can manage your own reference data updates easily, with reliable results.

To make things even easier, Prodly has developed pre-built Moover data set templates for Salesforce CPQ that allow you to get started with product and pricing data migration immediately. Watch our short demo to see how easy CPQ software data migration can be:

Watch the Salesforce CPQ Template Demo

Expert User Support

Prodly offers expert user troubleshooting support when you need it. And if you’d rather explore solutions on your own, Prodly offers a variety of online resources including a comprehensive user guide, Frequently Asked Questions, and a Solutions database. These Moover resources allows users to spend more time on the work that matters.

Assign Permission Sets To Isolate Projects

In most cases, not every employee in your company needs access to every org or every Moover function. Moover admin and user permission sets allow you to control which activities employees can perform. Using Moover nested Folders and standard Salesforce sharing settings, you can also assign additional security for employees working on specific projects.

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