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Moover Toolkit for Field Service Lightning


Prodly_Moover_Blog_2_Image-2Field Service Lightning Data Update Datasheet: Explore the Moover Toolkit solution to tedious and error-prone Field Service Lighting reference data management.

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2018-Prodly-moover-support-1Our goal at Prodly is to give users an easy and intuitive product to meet your Field Service Lightning reference data update needs, but sometimes you'll need some support.

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Moover Templates for Field Service LightningMoover Templates for Field Service Lightning: Provides Moover templates for recent Field Service Lightning releases. Templates for the following releases are available for the Moover virtual external ID (VEID) upsert methods:

Version 6 - Winter '19
Version 5 - Summer '18

  for VEID


fsl-guide3Moover Field Service Lightning Reference Data Deployment Guide:  Provides instructions for deploying the data sets contained in the Moover Field Service Lightning templates.
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