We’re making Salesforce DevOps simple

Founding vision

Prodly was started by Max Rudman, the founder of Steelbrick (now Salesforce CPQ), and his brother Daniel Rudman. They recognized the inefficiencies, high costs, and significant business impacts resulting from manual processes for relational data deployment in Salesforce using conventional tools.

Streamlining Salesforce management

Max and Daniel aimed to streamline the management, migration, and release of relational data and artifacts within Salesforce with user-friendly tools. Their goal was to transform error-prone, cumbersome processes into smooth, fast, reliable methods that could be performed by developers and business users alike.

Enhancing productivity and agility

With their deep understanding of Salesforce change delivery, they developed a data migration solution that enhances productivity and improves the overall agility and governance of Salesforce applications. This solution helps ensure companies can meet deployment deadlines and business objectives with ease.

Comprehensive DevOps suite

Over the years, Prodly has evolved into a comprehensive suite of tools for the entire Salesforce DevOps process. This includes the intake of change requests, setting up high-quality development environments, releasing updates into production, and monitoring environments for changes.

Exceeding business objectives

Prodly’s solutions are designed to help companies like yours meet deployment deadlines and achieve business objectives efficiently. By offering reliable and user-friendly tools, Prodly supports the seamless management of Salesforce applications.

Our team

At the heart of our success is our talented and motivated team of industry experts. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm, which allows us to continually enhance our platform and tailor our solutions to your evolving needs. Our collaborative approach ensures that we stay at the forefront of Salesforce DevOps, providing best-in-class tools and a partnership that supports you through your change delivery journey. This team spirit and unwavering commitment are essential to helping you navigate complex challenges and achieve your strategic goals efficiently. 

Our leaders

Max Rudman


Sean Crowley


Eran Karisi


Scott Teeple

Director of Customer Success

Yana Legkaya

Director of People Operations

Our investors

Prodly is backed by leading venture capital firms.