Salesforce DevOps

Deliver changes faster with the end-to-end Salesforce DevOps platform

User-friendly tools for the plan, test, deploy, and monitor stages of the change delivery process

The start screen of the DevOps process in the Prodly platform.

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Effective DevOps collaboration

Agile work management tools let you easily keep track of projects, work requirements, and status. Improve communication—and keep everyone on the same page.

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A Jira ticket integrated with the Prodly DevOps platform.

Optimize your environments

Replicate production data into Dev or scratch orgs with just one click. Easily see metadata differences between orgs, and deploy changes as needed to keep all your environments in sync.

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Selecting deployment objects when sandbox seeding with Prodly.

Deploy in a fraction of the time

Package ready-to-go changes together and deploy everything required for a work item in one go. Deploy 14x faster than change sets—and a million times faster than Data Loader!

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Deployment batch results in Prodly with updates and inserts.
Customer testimonial

Prodly DevOps has enabled us to complete projects faster and improve the ROI we see on Salesforce.

Kevin Spinks
Sr. Director IT at Young Life

Source control for peace of mind

Get developers and admins working from the same source of truth with version control for metadata and data. Meticulously track changes—and effortlessly roll back to a previous version if something doesn't work the way it should.

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The version control dialog in the Prodly DevOps platform.

Detect and resolve bugs early

No more last-minute delays due to unexpected issues. No more hotfixes because a user found a bug after release. Integrate testing into every stage of development—and ensure everything's just right before approving it for release.

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A customizable new test template in Prodly.

The essential guide to Salesforce ALM

Juggling productivity and governance is no easy feat. But here’s the good news: Salesforce application lifecycle management (ALM) can help you keep all those balls in the air! It's all about streamlining your Salesforce updates with the five stages of ALM—plan, build, test, release, and monitor—while keeping risk at bay.


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Get started in 45 minutes or less!

Let our experts show you how Prodly makes Salesforce DevOps simple!