Cut Salesforce CPQ migration time by 80%

Get pricing changes to market ASAP—and drive revenue!

Start screen of the CPQ data deployment workflow in Prodly.

Get started in 45 minutes or less!

Let our experts show you how Prodly makes Salesforce CPQ simple!

Roll out pricing changes in minutes, not days

Get product bundles, price rules, and promotions in to the hands of sales reps as quickly as you build them.

Never deal with waiting for changes to get unstuck from a sandbox again.

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Deployment batch results highlighting updates and inserts.

Deploy with zero downtime

Move CPQ-related development from sandbox to production quickly and accurately—in as little as 4 clicks!

Update your pricebook without taking your sales team offline.

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Detailed deployment result from staging to production.

Automate regression testing

Know immediately if a change to your CPQ configuration will impact quote accuracy.

Prodly is your fire alarm for bad quotes.

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Prodly UI showing the new test run wizard.
Customer testimonial

Prodly DevOps gives us hours back every release cycle so we can start working on the next project in our backlog sooner.

Zach Hower
Salesforce System Administrator at Quest

Automatically maintain CPQ dependencies

Prodly handles everything for you—so you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and Data Loader for good!

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Diagram showing the relationship between parent and child objects in CPQ.

Sync CPQ sandboxes

Keep every environment in your release pipeline in sync with production.

Automatically sync your production CPQ configurations, or selectively sync specific data and metadata to any environment.

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Prodly UI showing a CPQ data deployment from the main Git branch to developer sandboxes.

Salesforce CPQ data management 101

Salesforce CPQ might be simple “clicks, not code,” but making changes in it can be more like moving mountains. Get this ebook—written by the team that created Salesforce CPQ—to unlock the secrets behind this powerful application. You’ll learn how to prevent revenue-threatening deployment issues, the value of a DevOps process, and what you absolutely need to do before a deployment.


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Get started in 45 minutes or less!

Let our experts show you how Prodly makes Salesforce CPQ simple!