Agile release management for Salesforce

Ever felt like you're juggling too many balls trying to manage Salesforce releases? Well, our agile checklist is here to turn you into a release management ninja with a proven system, fast releases, fewer bugs, and much less stress.

Agile release management 101

Keep everyone on the same page

Say goodbye to the "Who changed what?" drama. We're talking about setting up a crystal-clear system that everyone trusts.

Make releases a breeze

Imagine releasing updates faster than you can finish your coffee. We'll show you how to break it down into bite-sized, manageable updates.

Chill more, stress less

Fewer headaches after going live means more time for the fun stuff—like developing.
Customer testimonial

Prodly DevOps gives us hours back every release cycle so we can start working on the next project in our backlog sooner.

Zach Hower
Salesforce System Administrator at Quest