Maximize your Salesforce orgs with sandbox management

Get ready to crack the mysteries of sandbox management wide open with our latest guide. Discover why Full Copy sandboxes get stale really quickly, how to use Dev and scratch orgs as mini versions of production, and how to keep all your environments in sync without a refresh.

The essentials of sandbox maximization

The Full Copy sandbox conundrum

Full Copies aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Discover why postponing refreshes isn’t the best strategy.

The art of using lower-level orgs

Learn how to leverage Dev and scratch orgs as your main stage for building and testing.

Keep your orgs synchronized

Discover how to keep all your Salesforce orgs in sync with top-notch sandbox management techniques.
Customer testimonial

Prodly streamlined the arduous process of migrating data between environments from multiple days requiring multiple resources to one day and once resource.

Julie Maynard
Marketing Operations Manager at online retailer