Salesforce CPQ data management 101

Salesforce CPQ might be simple “clicks, not code,” but making changes in it can be more like moving mountains. Get this ebook—written by the team that created Salesforce CPQ—to unlock the secrets behind this powerful application. You’ll learn how to prevent revenue-threatening deployment issues, the value of a DevOps process, and what you absolutely need to do before a deployment.

Managing Salesforce CPQ data

Revenue impact of bugs

The real revenue impact of bad CPQ deployments—and how to prevent them.

DevOps best practices

Tips and tricks for applying DevOps best practices to CPQ.

Pre-deployment checklist

Everything you absolutely need to do to ensure a successful deployment.
Customer testimonial

We considered multiple tools, but it was clear from the outset that Prodly DevOps was the market-leading Salesforce CPQ deployment tool

Alex Abdou
Director of Quality Assurance at Toast