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AppOps Release, our first product, automates the time-consuming, error-prone deployments of data between the new generation of low-code Salesforce apps—including CPQ, Subscription Billing, B2B Commerce and Field Service Lightning.

Configuration information in Salesforce low-code applications that used to be stored as metadata (code) is now stored as configuration data. A mistake in this valuable configuration data has far reaching consequences: it can bring down a revenue-generating, mission-critical application.

AppOps Release automates the deployments of configuration data between any Salesforce orgs.

Features & Benefits


Prevent errors and data duplication

Our remapping engine allows you to move data between orgs accurately and easily.


Save considerable time

A complicated, repetitive task that manually would take one of your most skilled Salesforce developers about 20 hours is done in just a few clicks—and a few minutes.


Centralize control over development

With AppOps Release, you have one place for your all your company’s production and sandbox development work on your Salesforce apps. See at-a-glance who moved what data when.


Easily edit and configure data sets

Utilize datasets to optimize your deployments: easily view complex relational object schemas, edit field properties, obfuscate or scramble sensitive data, and choose which parent or child object and fields to deploy.


Deploy in four clicks

Select a source org, destination org, and a data set or deployment plan, and then click the deploy button to move your reference data. Done.

Custom toolkits for favorite Salesforce Apps

Built for the data configuration of each app, adding an app-specific toolkit to Prodly AppOps Release gives you an end-to-end solution that biggest overarching benefit.


Learn more about our toolkits


CPQ Data Sheet

Get our data sheet for CPQ Data Updates.

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FSL Data Sheet

Get our data sheet for FSL Data Updates.

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Billing Data Sheet

Get our data sheet for Billing solutions.

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