Test Salesforce code in development and deploy reference data with Moover

AppOps Release solves the problem of deploying relational data quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Designed by Salesforce® experts, AppOps Release enables one-click deployment of reference data between Salesforce organizations. It’s an ideal tool for populating sandboxes with test data or moving reference data for complex applications, such as the Salesforce CPQ app, into production.

With AppOps Release, you can eliminate hours of tedious work, increase developer productivity, deliver projects on time and ensure business-critical revenue.

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Deploy reference data and test Salesforce code development with data from production without the hassle

The Premier Data Deployment Platform For SIs And Salesforce Developers

A native Salesforce app, Prodly AppOps is a powerful platform for managing complex data deployment. Scalable, it’s ideal for high-volume SIs and ISVs, as well as Salesforce users with large in-house development teams. And because of its speed and simplicity, AppOps Release has transformed data deployment into a scalable, reliable, and repeatable process that fully supports agile software and reference data development on the Salesforce platform.

AppOps Release streamlines complex data deployment with user-friendly features.

Easily test Salesforce development orgs and update reference data with Moover's centrally controlled deployment.


Install AppOps Release in one central organization and control all of your deployments. You can also consolidate storage of data sets in a central location to be reused and cloned.

For multiple sandboxes, test Salesforce development orgs with Moover's multiple destination deployment.

Multiple Destination

With just one click, deploy the same data set to multiple sandboxes. AppOps Release allows you to select up to five different destinations for a single deployment.

Get Moover templates to test Salesforce development orgs and update reference data. Templates are now available for the CPQ Salesforce application.


Create templates for deployment plan and data set backup or to transfer data sets from one AppOps Release instance to another in JSON format. Preconfigured deployment templates are available for Salesforce CPQ, Advanced Approvals, Billing, and Field Service Lightning.

Save time and resources with Prodly's resource library


A library of Prodly AppOps resources provides a wealth of help and support, allowing users to be more self-sufficient and productive.

Deploy Salesforce Reference Data Or Transaction Data To Test Salesforce Code

AppOps Release 's ability to move complex data among multiple Salesforce orgs quickly and efficiently makes it the ideal solution for large in-house development teams and high-volume systems integrators.

For each type of user, AppOps Release can help save time, money and headaches.

Test Data For
Code Development

Learn how AppOps Release can assist in deploying test data to streamline code development in complex Salesforce environments.

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Salesforce Reference
Data Deployment

Learn how AppOps Release can simplify deployment of reference data for FSL, Salesforce CPQ and more.

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Change Sets for Data

AppOps Release enables rapid and painless deployment of reference data between any Salesforce orgs. Streamline implementation of AppExchange apps and custom development with bi-directional deployment of targeted data sets between production and sandbox orgs. It's like Change Sets for data!

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Sandbox. Production

Sandbox. Production. Any org

AppOps Release allows you to deploy data between any org — it doesn’t even have to belong to the same company. All you need are credentials with sufficient permissions to the source and destination orgs. AppOps Release asks for permission to connect on your behalf using industry standard OAuth protocol. Enabling developers to test Salesforce development orgs has never been this simple.

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Point & Click

Point & Click. All The Way.

Specifying which data you want to move cannot be easier. Just choose a root object, select the related parent and child objects you want to include and configure their fields. Save the data set for future use and you are on your way to one-click data deployment.

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Track Results

Track Results. Real-Time.

Deploying a data set generates a unique, trackable job. AppOps Release reports on its progress, including links to both source and destination records for validating deployment results. Deploy a complex object graph while you get a cup of coffee. Now, that’s productivity!

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