Prodly DevOps vs. Data Loader: Which data migration tool is better?

Are you frustrated with how slow and difficult a data loader for Salesforce can be—especially when migrating large data volumes? Watch this video to see the best way to import and export data in Salesforce. And the best thing about Prodly's automated data migration tool? It requires no CSVs or VLOOKUPs!

Table of contents:

00:00 Introduction
00:07 How to use Data Loader to import data nto Salesforce
00:37 How to select an object to export out of Salesforce
01:22 How to use spreadsheets for Data Loader
01:30 Running a VLOOKUP and matching IDs
02:09 How to use Data Loader to import data into Salesforce
02:25 Common errors when using Data Loader
02:40 How to use automated data migration to load data in Salesforce
02:43 What are data sets?
03:03 How to use a guided deployment
03:46 Reviewing the results of using the #1 data loader for Salesforce
04:03 Recap

The #1 data migration tool for Salesforce

Migrate your entire data schema between environments in just 4 clicks.