Salesforce DevOps Center: a complete guide and tutorial

Join Prodly and Salesforce Ben as we take a deep dive into Salesforce DevOps Center and explore how it's not only a replacement for change sets, but also includes work management to improve the quality of your releases, better align stakeholders, and demonstrate the ROI of your work to your boss.

Table of contents:

3:40 Housekeeping
5:14 What is DevOps Center?
6:40 DevOps Center is for declarative and hybrid teams
7:32 Steps to use DevOps Center
7:50 Define your release path
8:15 Prepare your development environments
8:27 Install DevOps Center into your production environment
8:42 Start your first project
9:05 The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce DevOps Center
9:39 How work will change in DevOps Center
10:37 The value of work items in DevOps Center
12:39 Automatic change tracking
14:32 The difference between work items and work management
16:20 Combining work management with the deployment process provides visibility
16:50 Benefits of a work management system
19:51 The importance of user stories
20:18 The benefits of Prodly’s Jira and Agile Accelerator integration With DevOps Center
23:49 The benefits of using Prodly and DevOps Center together
25:20 Using dashboards to demonstrate ROI
29:09 Get Started With Prodly and DevOps Center
30:37 Salesforce DevOps HQ
31:08 Q&A

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